Helio for Brand Management

As a Brand Manager, your goal is growing your business. You need to stay on top of trends, keep a pulse on customers, feed product innovation, and deliver growth. Helio makes this easy.

The Features You Need to Succeed

We’ve built our intelligence platform with Brand Managers in mind, bringing all the solutions you need — from competitive intelligence to consumer insights — under one roof.

Brand Indentification

Keep tabs on the performance of new and existing competitors to see who’s peaking and who’s about to pop

Trend Analysis

Identify trends while they’re still emerging so you have time to capitalize on them

Consumer Insights

Uncover customers’ purchase criteria to see what shoppers are obsessing over and where there is opportunity

Competitive Intelligence

Use customer reviews to see what shoppers like and dislike about your brand and others

Whitespace Analysis

Discover market and category white space to inform new product development

Platform Preview: What Forward-Looking Intelligence Looks Like

Helio powers comprehensive insights to inform investments and strategic decision making with


Data Points


Consumer Reviews


Emerging Attributes


CPG Brands

Helio Resources You Don’t Want to Miss

Case Study

How a Plant-Based Protein Brand Used Helio to Understand Category Performance and Inform New Product Development


Looking for a Solution You Don’t See Here?

Helio’s Professional Services offering is designed for Corporate Development and M&A teams with specialized data needs. Our team can provide hands-on support for evaluating a crowded category, executing a size of prize analysis to guide a new strategy, forecasting performance for a new innovation and so much more.

Join the Brand Management Leaders Growing Their Business with Helio.