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From custom reporting to deep-dive analysis, our team is ready to make your data work for you. No matter the size of the project– we’ll make sure you get the most out of the Helio platform.

Custom Project Expertise

We’ve helped brands like yours with projects like these


Get a ready-to-use custom dashboard unique to your brand, competitors, and trends you’re watching

Data Extracts

Supercharge your Analytics and Data Science teams with measurable brand data that fills your gaps and creates a full picture

Need something else?

Tell us the problem you’re trying to solve or question you’re looking to answer, and Helio’s team of CPG data experts will propose a custom research plan with a methodology, anticipated analyses, timeline, delivery method and more. Once approved, our team will go to work to get you what you need.

Data Intelligence to Grow the CPG Brands of Tomorrow

Trend Analysis

Identify trends while they’re still emerging so you have time to capitalize on them

Brand Indentification

Keep tabs on the performance of new and existing competitors to see who’s peaking and who’s about to pop

Competitive Intelligence

Use customer reviews to see what shoppers like and dislike about your brand and others

Consumer Insights

Uncover customers’ purchase criteria to see what shoppers are obsessing over and where there is opportunity

Whitespace Analysis

Discover market and category white space to inform new product development

Jumpstart Growth

Discover how Helio can address your company’s top data challenges and equip you with the insights you need to accelerate your growth.