Explore Emerging CPG Brands, Category Leaders, and Competitors

No matter your role in the CPG ecosystem, staying on top of emerging brands, category leaders and competitors is critical to your ability to capture market share. Helio makes it easy.

Why Brand Identification Can Make or Break a CPG Brand

Keeping tabs on your competitors’ performance to see who’s peaked and who’s about to pop is table stakes for modern CPG leaders. Helio’s Brand Discovery capabilities ensure you are never surprised by category newcomers and makes gleaning inspiration from rising brands in your category and adjacent ones simple.

A Comprehensive View: Helio’s Brand Identification Data Sources

Helio aggregates data across 200+ sources in an easy-to-digest brand battle card that provides an instant and holistic look at emerging brands, rising leaders, top competitors, and more.

Where does Helio find its brands?

Helio primarily tracks US-based brands aggregated from social media, retail POS, ecommerce sites, DTC sites, media publications, Amazon, and 200+ other sources.

How big are brands in Helio?

Helio uses modern technology to find, aggregate, and unify data on 1.5M brands—starting in emerging brands’ first month of sales to legacy brands that have been crushing it for over a decade.

How do users discover brands using Helio?

Helio provides brand growth metrics in an easy-to-use dashboard. Users can filter by revenue, offline sales/distribution, social media followers, website performance, consumer reviews and more.

Feature Snapshot: Helio Growth Predictor

Helio’s proprietary growth algorithm analyzes hundreds of data points to predict the breakout brands of tomorrow. Helio users leverage multiple filters in Helio to narrow in on the brands that are of greatest interest to them, using HGP to find the best. Here’s an example:

Feature Snapshot: Brand Search

Helio enables you to jump straight to a specific brand of interest using search. Find a brand in a store and want to know their overall health? See a brand on a website while you are surfing the latest CPG media publications? Get an instagram ad for a hot new brand? Use Helio search from your phone or computer and instantly see a brand health scorecard!

What Makes Our Brand Identification Different

Because we aggregate data from more emerging brands (1.5+ million, to be exact) and more sources (200+) than the competition, Helio provides the most comprehensive CPG brand data on the market. We facilitate deep analysis and comparison via our proprietary algorithm — the Helio Growth Predictor — The HGP identifies the fastest growing brands across categories and markets, helping you discover and keep tabs on emerging brands and top competitors.

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